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What is VR education?

VR education is an educational method developed in the 21st century. Comprehensive use of computer graphics systems and various reality and control interface devices, providing immersive technologies in a three -dimensional environment generated by computers and interactive three -dimensional environments. In this process, VR technology will analogize the realistic three -dimensional virtual world, and through visual, hearing, smell, touch, taste, etc., students can feel the immersive effect. VR is very future in education, and Macymacy Future's VR education is forward according to this path.

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Why develop VR education?

The characteristics of real, interaction, and plotization are the unique charm of virtual reality technology. Combining new technologies of virtual reality VR with a variety of characteristics such as puzzle games, scenario learning, collaborative learning, and remote education will solve many education problems that could not be solved before, and let us feel comprehensive education.

Macymacy Futurevr Education Four Values

Improve learning efficiency: The results of the relevant institutions show that the teaching forms of a single media such as text or pictures, the education efficiency is about 10%; the efficiency of composite media teaching, such as multimedia teaching, is about 30%; high immersive media, such as such as high immersive media, such as high immersive media, such as high immersive media, such as high immersive media, such as high immersive media, such as high immersive media. The efficiency of VR teaching has reached 70%.

Reducing education costs: Use VR for experimental teaching, replace part of the experiment in the way of VR, which can reduce the current practical experimental cost.

Avoid safety risks in the experiment: There are many experiments in chemical teaching involving corrosive, toxic, and explosive liquids or solids. Experiments in VR can greatly reduce the risk in the experiment.

Improve learning interest and power: VR immersion, presence and interest, can presented boring knowledge in a vivid and interesting way, greatly improving the enthusiasm of learning.

Macymacy Futurevr Education Four Values

Elementary education

Use VR technology to create an immersive learning environment for students, allowing students to inspire and accelerate their understanding of knowledge points through their immersive exploration.

Middle School Education

Biological difficulties such as biology, geography, historical difficulties are brought in, and they are highly restored according to the principles of disciplines. The abstract concepts are symbolized and the knowledge points are integrated into the operation and demonstration process.

Higher Education

The team of famous teachers in the country, the teaching materials of the exams are integrated with VR scenes. The new scene memory enhances the transmission frequency width for cognition.

MACYMacy Future VR Education's Branch of Education

MACYMacy Future-Language


Confucius traveled to the east, saw two children's arguments, and asked about it. One child said: "I go to the time when I come from the beginning of the day, and the mid -day is far away." ... Along with the scene of the scene in the VR class, the reappearance and frustration of the emotional reading, let the students be in the scene and experience immersive learning.

MACYMacy Future-history


Have you ever seen how primitives save fire species and how to drill wood to get fire; have you seen how the people of the top cave people live and hunt for food; have you ever felt the passion of the founding ceremony, and the VR class panoramic teaching can bring it to bring You go into these situations and events, truly talk to historical figures, and turn the knowledge points you want to master into your experience!

MACYMacy Future-geography


Macymacy Future VR classroom panoramic teaching can build a variety of different virtual environments, allowing students to walk in mountainous areas such as Yunnan and Guangxi in virtual reality to experience and experience the formation and influence of Karst landforms. You can create a number of different living environments through virtual reality to explore and observe the characteristics of animals in different living environments.

MACYMacy Future-biology


Students only need to rotate the helmet, and they will find that ribosomes, mitochondria, centers, and nucleus are around. VR classrooms make biological learning intuitive, vivid, and vivid, and solve some problems that some scenes in the biological learning cannot be presented in real classrooms. Students enter the micro -world in their realm, and truly have the interest and enthusiasm of learning.

MACYMacy Future-English


VR English learning products are the main representatives of interactive language learning. This series of products rely on VR glasses to create a virtual English learning environment, and embedded immersive and interactive learning content in the environment. The user is immersed in the learning environment created by the system through VR glasses, and the purpose of practicing English and improving English through a series of English interaction with virtual objects.

MACYMacy Future Comprehensive Education Class of VR Education

MACYMacy Future-Language

Scientific knowledge

MACYMacy Future VR education, through the VR -level Mars detection scenario allows experiencers to initially experience the three -dimensional world of VR virtual reality, VR "aviation room room", allowing students to experience the aviation environment in a safe virtual environment; various flying simulation scenarios, Effectively attract students' aerospace interest and evoke infinite exploration of the starry sky.

MACYMacy Future-history

National geography

MACYMacy Future VR education allows students to appreciate the magnificent mountains and rivers of the motherland through the virtual world. Breaking the restrictions on space and time, do not go home to visit the beautiful scenery of various places, and allow students to "be in the immersive" experience. Through VR classrooms, students create virtual real tourism environment in visual and hearing sensory worlds.

MACYMacy Future-地理

Traditional Culture

The excellent traditional Chinese culture is an important source of the concept of governing the country since the 18th National Congress of General Secretary Xi Jinping. Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized that excellent traditional culture contains a rich national spirit and moral concept. It is an important ideological and nutrient for young people's moral construction in the new era. It is a more important guidance for educational education in the world outlook, outlook on life, values, ideals and beliefs, etc. effect.

MACYMacy Future-biology

safe education

Safety is an extremely important and easy to be ignored in people's lives. Young people are the hope and future of the motherland. Safety education is to give students a basic safety awareness and prevention ability to avoid accidents.

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VR education function and advantage

VR education can better establish interest and concepts of learning than other pipelines. This immersive learning is to use sensory and thinking in all aspects, so you have to learn more solid and interesting. Bring us new educational thinking.

VR super teaching system: teacher control system, more convenient classroom teaching (one -click shutdown restart, equipment abnormal alarm, central control convenience lesson, data transmission storage, attention monitoring)

Curriculum resource cloud platform: a large number of cloud courses, high -quality VR education content distribution, convenient query, one -click download update, creating VR education super content resource platform

Cloud big data statistics: high -dimensional big data collection and feedback such as VR teaching rate, use effect, human -computer interaction habits, interactive response, etc., adjust and optimize in time, improve cognitive experience

Teacher PGC course editor: A large number of VR material resource editors, teachers can log in by themselves. Use VR panorama and panoramic videos to carry out new, combined, edited and uploads of VR courses, and shared the display with one click to create your own personalized VR innovation classroom

A large number of full immersive courses that match the syllabus of teaching: match the teaching outline, small/early/high/k12 whole grade, suitable for combing the knowledge points of national textbooks, forming a knowledge tree, and joint planning VR lesson plans with first -line teachers

A lot of curriculum content: Literature and Sciences Complete System Course. The development content of domestic VR courses is more and more complete.


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