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What is an online education platform?

The online education platform takes platform+service+resource sharing as the basic development concept, and uses service college online teaching as its main goal. Support all aspects of full -process teaching, and realize communication, interaction, and sharing through learning space, group discussions, online notes, and online Q & A. And comprehensively integrate outstanding curriculum resources of colleges and universities, realize the sharing of high -quality educational resources between colleges and universities, and achieve reasonable use of resource allocation.

提升学习效率。VR教学, VR教室,VR Class,VR Learning

Why develop an online education platform?

The construction of online online teaching platform is the basic support and prerequisite for implementing online teaching. Online teaching platforms and online courses and resources on it have become an inevitable trend of modern teaching in the information age. Provide a three -dimensional and digital teaching environment for the reform and innovation of school education, teaching, and innovation, provide teaching concepts and teaching methods to reform and innovate, promote the sharing of high -quality education resources in schools, improve the efficiency of teaching resources, and form a group of unique excellent online courses It reflects the application results of school education and teaching reform and modern information technology, and strives to improve teaching effects and talent training.

MACYMacy Future The value of online education platform

Change the education model, realize paperless electronic education, open sharing learning, interactive personality teaching, and accelerate the itinerary of information education. Students can also arrange their time reasonably: they can learn repeatedly; they can also listen to classes simultaneously when they go out;

Balance teachers, share high -quality teaching content of famous teachers, and realize equality of education.

Development potential, inherit knowledge, continue the teaching experience of seniors, and improve the value of life. Professor, experts, teachers in various fields, even masters of car repair, housewives who roasted vegetables, and dancing young people have their own things that they are good at, especially some retirees, and have rich experience in their career.

Create the era of cloud teaching, advocate freedom, personality learning, and improve learning efficiency. For student characteristics and needs, build a free choice and personality learning platform. Students can freely choose their favorite teachers and what they want to learn on the platform. They can also expand their knowledge through the forum, meet their like -minded friends, and communicate with each other.

Use scientific and technological innovation to allow everyone to get better education

Online school function is powerful

More than 10,000 online schools choose together, which is trustworthy

Response page technology

Use response technology, perfectly adapt to any terminal

Education Cloud Service Support

Strong education cloud support, eliminating your worries


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