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Which of SEO optimization and SEM choose?


In the past, when we distinguished SEO's implementation and SEM implementation, we would say that SEO is free optimization implementation, and SEM is free of paid implementation. Talking about SEO, money is still indispensable.

If you want the website SEO ranking well, good websites are indispensable to do SEO, a website that fits the principle of search engine capture and scores is indispensable to improve the quality and website skills. Professional knowledge is essential to ask people to end.

When the website SEO needs a long period of time, the customer is looking for what you want when you see what he wants, maybe you will find other keywords so if the website cannot be optimized to the homepage, the role is to greatly discount. The time cycle of the website optimization to the homepage is longer, the longer the time, the time and the personnel are the capital.

The website SEO ranking is there, and there are often customers who have not transformed traffic. My website has a ranking on the homepage, but why is there a small amount of traffic conversion? This may be more. This may be more. Words, single keyword search volume is very low, the search keywords are not matched with your affairs, so the transformation is also low.

SEO optimization is long. You must choose keywords when optimizing the most at the beginning. These keywords must be matched with transactions. It is better to convert a large number of findings. At that time, the homework became unprecedented, so the danger of SEO is still relatively large. The opportunity cost is high. If you are not professional, you still find some professional service agencies. This may be the most cost -effective choice.

The advantages and disadvantages of search engine optimization vs keyword advertisement

Search engine optimization

1. It is not easy to be replaced by other websites
2. Search results for nature
3. Brand image establishment
4. The longer the launch, the more cost decreases

Disadvantages: 1. Can't display the results immediately
2. The positioning position cannot be accurately estimated

Click Reading Rate: 65% of the first page
Page 2 35%
BR> 15%(Find & Insight Explorer data)

Click cost: Unlimited click

Keyword advertisement (PPC)

Charging method: Pre -storage value, click the fee every time

1. You can display ads immediately
2. You can choose unlimited multiple groups of keywords
3. You can clearly control the daily cost
4. Keywords can be replaced flexibly

Disadvantages: 1. High replacement
2. Mysterious click by the industry
3. Advertising prices are getting higher and higher
4. Bidding keywords, the price has no upper limit

Click Reading rate: 3%~ 10%

Click cost: usually the higher the ranking, the more expensive

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