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Naked eye 3D holographic projection


Those who have watched 3D movies in the cinema have gone through a entry -a special glasses from the staff. This is okay for audiences who do not wear glasses, but it may still be not very friendly for the viewers who have wearing glasses. They put another layer outside myopia glasses. The bridge of the nose is really a lot of sins. Therefore, the development of naked eye 3D holographic projection technology has allowed humans to get rid of the restraint of stereo glasses.

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The 3D holographic projection technology is the technology of the three -dimensional image of the 3D image of the objects and the phase distribution of the object through the film or the dry version of the film. The holographic technology is all information in the light waves reflected (or transmitted) of the subject. (Amplitude, phase) to achieve 3D visual effects. The main process is divided into two steps:

The first step is to record the optical wave information of the object with the principle of light interference, that is, shooting. The object of the subject forms a long reflection of the object light beam under the radiation of the laser. The other part of the laser is irradiated on the holographic negative as a reference beam. The changing light wave intensity is used to record the entire information of the object space with interference between interference and contrasts. After recording the negatives interference stripes, after being processed by the schedule, fixed shadow, etc., it becomes a Noride holographic diagram, referred to as holographic photos for short; the second step is to use the diffraction principle to reproduce the optical wave information of the object, that is, imaging. The holographic diagram formed in the first step is like a complex grating. Under related laser, a linear recorded sine holographic diagram can generally give two statues, that is, the original image and the common image, the two statues are superimposed. Later, there is a real visual effect. This is the principle of 3D holographic projection technology.

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Common 3D holographic imaging is divided into: 180 °, 270 °, and 360 °. 180 ° is suitable for one -sided display. It is generally used in a stage holographic projection with a large 3D imaging area, and can realize interaction; 360 ° can project the imaging in the real -world half, forming depth, and audiences can be viewed from any angle. The emergence of 3D holographic projection technology not only solves 3D projection technology to wear glasses to watch the display design problem, but also makes the short -to -angle of holographic projection technology unable to improve the disadvantages of no dead angles.

At present, the use of naked eye 3D holographic projection technology is widely used, involving various fields. In the military field, 3D holographic projection technology can simulate the battlefield environment, so as to provide support for analysis and decision -making and action. Real and portable; in the field of education, you can break through time and space restrictions, and use dynamic, time and storytelling virtual virtual Imaging to show history, truly achieve students' participation experience, and realize teaching; in the field of film and television, 3D holographic image technology can make people feel stronger. In the large screen theater, there is no need to bring special glasses. With the help of the large three -dimensional screen and the sound effect of surrounding the body can make the audience feel immersive; in the stage effect, the audience can directly see the three -dimensional virtual figures and scenery on the stage, so as to create fantasy and real visual vision The atmosphere has a super strong visual impact.

Naked eye 3D holographic projection technology is still developing today, which will bring more convenience to people's lives.

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